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Northbrook Park District Hall of Fame and Sports Hall of Fame

The Northbrook Park District honors volunteers and athletes in the community with its Hall of Fame and Sports Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame, created in 1978, recognizes volunteers who significantly improved the quality of Park District programs or facilities. The Sports Hall of Fame, created in 1995, recognizes the accomplishments of athletes who are from Northbrook or who have used Northbrook Park District facilities as their primary training location.

The Board of Park Commissioners reviews nominations to the Halls of Fame and votes for admission. Winners are inducted at a Board meeting and will have their name and photo on a plaque displayed in the Northbrook Sports Center. 

Sports Hall of Fame Recipients

2013   2012   2012

Heather Aseltine
Jason Kipnis
Richard Widmark
2009   2008   2007

Greg Biagini
Scott D. Sanderson
Jim Papreck

Debra Suzanne Cohen

Brian Arseneau


Andy Gabel


Nathaniel Mills

Neil Blatchford


Janet Goldman


Leah Poulos Mueller

Sally Blatchford-Dye


Anne Henning


Pat Moore

Beverly Buhr


Dianne Holum


Edward J. Rudolph

Chuck Burke


Mark Huck


Edward J. Rudolph, Jr.

David Cruikshank


Greg Lyman

Lydia Stephans

Hall of Fame Recipients

2004   2002   1997   1993

Dr. Darryl Skale
Jeff Steinback
Thomas “Tommy” Rifkin
Jeanne Seffren
Mark Gerstein
1992   1991   1989   1987

Richard Widmark
Stephen Cohen
Donald Kissock
Dick Lay
Lee Lippman
1986   1985   1984   1983

Gene Adams
Robert Richter
Hunter Gilbertson
George Martin
George Garner
Frank Quinn
Herman Wenk
1982   1981   1980   1979

Arthur Kunde
Helen McGohan
Franco Giannotti
Dick Evans

Glenn Miller
Mary Kay Gage
Jim Rushing
Chas. “Bud” Heckler

Sam Poulos
Klaus Ruege

Hugh Barth
Mary Eitel
Norbert Koehs
William “Torchy”Peden

Shirlee Barth
Anne Henning
Albert Lavick
Edward J. Rudolph

Cliffe Eitel
Eleanor Koehs
Walter “Doc” O’Neil

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