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Facility and Staff Directory

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Fax: 847·291·0218

Leisure Center (Registration Office)
3323 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·0218
Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: Noon-5pm
Facility Closed—5/23-25

Frank Lamberti, Leisure Services Manager, flamberti
Tiffany Greene, CPRP, Leisure Services Supervisor, tgreene
Amanda Himert, Leisure Services Supervisor, ahimert
Amy Kopecky, Leisure Services Supervisor, akopecky
Wendy Friedman
, Office Supervisor, wfriedman

Senior Center
3323 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·0218

Marissa Moravec, CPRP, Senior Center Supervisor, mmoravec

Northbrook Sports Center (Registration Office)
1730 Pfingsten Road
Fax: 847·272·0303
Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am-5pm
Facility Closed—5/11, 5/25

Eileen Loftus, Leisure Services Manager, eloftus
Heather Aseltine, Leisure Services Supervisor, haseltine
Laila Schlesinger, Leisure Services Supervisor, lschlesinger
Maura Drew, Leisure Services Supervisor, mdrew
Dan Catron, Leisure Services Supervisor, dcatron
Emily Boxer, Leisure Services Supervisor, eboxer
Bruce Friedman, Building Supervisor, bfriedman
Randy Truhlar, Building Maintenance Supervisor, rtruhlar

Northbrook Theatre
3323 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·0218
Box Office Hours
Fridays: Noon-6pm
30 minutes prior to first show

Erin Sweet, Assistant Manager of Performing Arts, esweet
Kurt Ottinger, Performing Arts Supervisor, kottinger
Drew Kambach, Performing Arts Supervisor, dkambach

Village Green Athletics and Aquatics
1810 Walters Avenue
Fax: 847·291·9858

Angus Shields, CPRP, Assistant Manager of Athletics and Aquatics, ashields
George Baumgardt, Leisure Services Supervisor, gbaumgardt
John Wilhelm, Leisure Services Supervisor, jwilhelm
Ethan Williams, Leisure Services Supervisor, ewilliams
Crystal Corral, Office Supervisor, ccorral

545 Academy Drive
Fax: 847·205·1154
Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm

Rick Hanetho, CPRP, Executive Director/CEO, rhanetho
Mindy Munn, Director of Finance, mmunn
Elsa Fischer, CPRP, Director of Leisure Services, efischer
Chuck Trongnetpanya, IT and Staff Development Director, ctrongnetpanya
Amanda Silvestri, Administrative Assistant to Executive Director, asilvestri
Theresa Glatzhofer, Administrative Assistant, tglatzhofer
Jean Truelsen, Human Resources Manager, jtruelsen
Barb Dettman, Business Manager, bdettman
Laurel Hall, Human Resources Supervisor, lhall

Marketing and Communications Department
545 Academy Drive

Ann Ziolkowski, CPRP, Marketing Director, aziolkowski
Joy Stuart, Communication Supervisor, jstuart
Gail Baritz, Communication Specialist, gbaritz
Justin Miller, Graphic Designer, jmiller

Parks and Planning Department
545 Academy Drive
Fax: 847·205-1154

Ed Dalton, Parks and Properties Director, edalton
Kris Scharp, CPRP, Park Operations Manager, kscharp
Brad Malone, Risk Management Analyst, bmalone
Jacob Vest, Trades Manager, jvest
Michael Brouillard, Grounds Manager, mbrouillard

Sportsman’s Country Club
3535 Dundee Road
Fax: 847·291·9436

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Greg Baron, PGA, Golf Operations Director, gbaron
John Billiter, PGA, Head Golf Professional, jbilliter
Michael Wenzel, PGA, Director of Instruction for Northbrook Golf Academy, mwenzel

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