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Northbrook Park District Aquatics

Outdoor pools are closed. Thank you for a great pool season!

General Pool Information
The Northbrook Park District maintains two outdoor swimming pools, Meadowhill Aquatic Center at Meadowhill Park and the Northbrook Sports Center Pool at West Park.

Swim Periods
Open Swim: Pools are open to all ages during this time. The wading pool and lap lanes are available.

Lap Swim: Swimmers can use kick boards, fins and snorkels in the designated lap swimming area. Circle Swimming is required when two or more swimmers are in the lane.

Children’s Play Area at MAC: During this time, parents and children 10 years and younger can enjoy the Children’s Play Area.

Swim lessonLessons and Programs
The Park District offers a variety of aquatic classes. We offer lessons in the summer at Meadowhill Aquatic Center. We also offers aquatic programming throughout the school year on various Sundays at Glenbrook North High School.
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See the current recreation guide for available classes.

Northbrook swim lessons follow Starfish Swim/Stroke School. The philosophy of Starfish Swim/Stroke School is based upon several core beliefs that include:

  • A relationship exists between instructor behaviors and student performance
  • Students learn in different ways and have different readiness levels
  • The focus should be on ability, not disability, achievement, not errors
  • Multiple methods of instruction, including “learn by doing” results in higher levels of student performance.
  • Effective instructional methods can be learned and developed.

Northbrook Swim Lesson Curriculum

Stage Safety Skill Benchmarks Swim Skill Benchmarks
Level 1
Always ask permission before getting in the water; put on a life jacket; float on back; kick 20 feet Jump in, submerge, recover for air, lay on back (kicking and finning) for 5 seconds
Level 2
Reach or Throw (Don’t Go) and know how to call 911; tread water for 15 seconds Jump in, submerge, kick 10 feet, change direction and recover to side glide position
Level 3
Survival float and tread water for 30 seconds Swim freestyle 30 feet with breathing, and swim 30 feet of triple-switch backstroke
Level 4
Put on life jacket in the water; use flotation to assist a swimmer, and know how and when to call 911 Swim 30 feet backstroke; swim four strokes of butterfly with only one breath, then swim the remainder of the pool length freestyle
Level 5
Discuss the Starfish Safety Concepts; tread water or survival float for two minutes Swim 30 feet of breaststroke; swim all strokes with proper timing and movements

Pool Parties
Private pool parties are available in the summer. For more information, call the Village Green office at 847·291·2980 or click here.

Pool Safety
Our pool staff takes your family’s safety seriously but cannot do it alone. We remind parents and guardians that children should not be left unattended at the pool. Young children and nonswimmers should be supervised directly—within touching distance—by a responsible adult.

LifeguardsLifeguard and Swim Instructor Certification andTraining
Safety is the number one priority of the Northbrook Park District. All Managers, Lifeguards and Swim Lesson Instructors must be certified by StarGuard or StarFish Swimming before being allowed to guard or teach. Both certifications are through Starfish Aquatics Institute, which has developed a risk management system and competency-based training program used by aquatic facilities around the world.
In addition, several staff members hold CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Licenses or AFO (Aquatic Facility Operator) Licenses. The national certification demonstrates that pool operators have completed the required education and training for proper facility and staff management and signifies our commitment to providing the highest level of service and professional excellence.

The Park District takes the following action to train pool staff and keep them vigilant:

Preseason Training

All Staff: Northbrook Park District Staff Orientation (2 hours)—Covers Risk Management, Personnel and Participant Conduct, and Customer Service

Managers: Lifeguard Skills Training Review (3 hours), Guard Training (24 hours), Facility Reviews (6 hours)

Guards: Guard Certification Training (24 hours for new guards, 20 hours for recertification),
Facility Training (3 hours)

Swim Lesson Instructors: Instructor Trainer Certification (16 hours), Instructor Certification Training (8 hours)

In-Season Training

  • Lifeguard In-Services: Mandatory 4 hours per month
  • Vigilance Awareness Testing: 10 Scan Watches completed each week per facility and
    1-2 Live Action Rescues, Dummy Rescues or Shadow Drops per day per facility
  • Swim Lesson Instructor In-services: Mandatory 1 hour per month


  • Staff completes one internal audit each month, based on StarGuard and PDRMA (Park District Risk Management Agency) standards
  • Cook County Public Health Department conducts 1-2 audits per facility each season.
  • PDRMA conducts unannounced audits during the summer.
  • Starfish Aquatics Institute - StarGuard will conduct 3 audits of our facilities during the summer.
  • Starfish Aquatics Institute - StarFish Swimming will conduct one audit of our lessons during the summer.

Helpful Links
Pool Rules PDF Download
Pool FAQs PDF Download

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