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School Age Childcare (K-5)

The Northbrook Park District partners with School Districts #27, 30 and 31 to offer the following extended care programs during the school year for children in grades K-5:


Adventure Campus

Before and after schoolcare

School’s Out Fun  

School day off program

Winter and Spring Break Escapes

Holiday break program
  Kinder Campus Kindergarten enrichment

Our professional, friendly staff is committed to providing quality care, a nurturing environment and an enjoyable experience for all of our participants.

Adventure CampusAdventure Campus

Enroll your child in Adventure Campus for enriching extended care before and after school. Our staff engages students in educational and recreational activities that encourage teamwork, self-confidence and fun. Call 847·291·2995 for availability.Adventure Campus

The Northbrook Park District partners with School Districts #27, 30 and 31 to offer organized activities for children at their schools. Students in grades K-5 can attend three, four or five days per week. The program follows a daily schedule that includes time for homework or quiet play, a snack, projects and physical activity. Adventure Campus offers child care on most Teacher Institute and Conference Days at no extra charge.

Adventure Campus Operates out of the following schools:


Hickory Point

7-8:30am and 3-6:30pm


7-8:30am and 3-6:30pm


7-8am and 2:40-6:30pm





How to Register
At the Leisure Center, complete the required forms and submit a $250 nonrefundable payment. We accept monthly payments by check or credit card.

Adventure CampusAdventure Campus FlexPass
Do you need child care on an occasional basis but not every day? Buy an Adventure Campus FlexPass, and use the program before or after school when you need it. Each pass entitles a child to attend up to 10 mornings or afternoons (or 5 combined mornings and afternoons). Drop-off is as early as 7am at Shabonee and Hickory Point and Winkelman schools, which have morning care. Pickup from after-school programs (Shabonee, Hickory Point, Willowbrook, Wescott and Winkelman) is until 6:30pm.

How does FlexPass work?

  • Visit the Leisure Center and register for the program.
  • Fill out a Student Information emergency form.
  • Call the Leisure Center 24 hours in advance to reserve a day.

Note:  Each child attending the program must have a pass (two-pass maximum per child per school year). The Park District cannot issue refunds for unused punches. The pass expires at the end of the school year in which it was purchased.

2014-15 Handbook 2015-16 Handbook
Adventure Campus Handbook Adventure Campus Handbook
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Adventure Campus Frequently Asked Questions PDF Download

For more information, call Amanda Himert, Leisure Services Supervisor, at 847·897·6165.

Break Escapes GroupSchool's Out Fun, Winter and Spring Break Escapes
On most school holidays and extended school breaks, the Northbrook Park District offers child care at the Leisure Center. This popular program offers exciting field trips and supervised activities for children in grades K-5. Holiday programs maintain a 1:10 staff-to-child ratio and divide the students into groups by age. Children should bring lunch and a drink, unless otherwise noted.

Registration is first-come, first-served. Note: Adventure Campus participants receive priority in registering and pay the resident rate.

School's Out Fun Frequently Asked Questions PDF Download

Kinder Campus2014-2015 Kinder Campus
The Northbrook Park District and School Districts #27 and #30 are pleased to offer Kinder Campus, a multifaceted enrichment experience for kindergarten students who want a longer school day. With a philosophy of learning through play and experience, this unique program combines fun activities with academic concepts. Kinder Campus works with the schools to reinforce their lessons, offering individual help as needed.

Each day provides activities that may not fit into a half day of school, such as art, music, sports, science, Spanish, outdoor play and field trips. Classes offer a balance of structured and unstructured activities, helping children learn to cooperate with others and develop self-esteem. This program follows the respective school districts’ calendars.

Kinder Campus AM and PM

# of Days Per Week Annual Fee Monthly Installment
2 Days $1,730 $148
3 Days $2,470 $222
5 Days $4,020 $377


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Kinder Campus Handbook
Kinder Campus
Parent Handbook

For more information, call 847·291·2995.

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