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Wood Oaks Green Picnic Area


Park and Shelter Rentals

Parks and shelter areas are available to rent from May 1 through the last Sunday in October from 8am to
dusk with a two-hour minimum. Special rates may apply to resident school and scout groups;
policies and fees are subject to change.

  Hourly Rates
Location Resident Non-Resident Capacity
Wood Oaks Green Picnic 1—North
15 tables, grills
$15 $18 100
Wood Oaks Green Picnic 2—South
10 tables, grills
$12 $15 70
Wood Oaks Green Shelter
6 tables
$15 $18 40
Techny Prairie Park and Fields Bluegill Shelter
10 tables, grills
$22 $27 70
Techny Prairie Park and Fields Playground Shelter
6 tables
$15 $18 40
Techny Prairie Park and Fields Bullpen Shelter
6 tables
$15 $18 40
Village Green Picnic Area
6 tables
$18 $22 40
All Other Park District Parks
2 tables
$12 $15 Varies per Park

Required Permits for Events
The Park District offers its parks and facilities for private rentals. If an individual, group or organization is planning an event for more than 100 people or for a special use, such as a fundraiser or tournament, all Park District, Village and State ordinances and timelines must be followed. Special permits are required for advertising (signage), fundraising, gambling (raffles), and soliciting for any purpose, and selling of services or materials, such as apparel or food. Special event rates may apply. A minimum of 60 days is needed for processing.

General Guidelines

  • Permits are required to reserve the space.
  • Rental fees are due before a permit is issued.
  • Groups can grill only in areas with District grills.
  • Smoking, gambling and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • Rental groups may be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance.
  • Security deposit may be required

Application for Facility Use Timeline

  • 1st business day of February—Community-based events and School Districts
  • 1st business day of March—Resident activities: individuals or groups (birthdays,
    family gatherings, cookouts), organizations, charitable and religious groups and/or
    businesses activities
  • 1st business day of April—Non-resident activities: nonprofit and for-profit,
    non-resident individuals or groups

How to Apply

  • Download the Application for Facility Use and Special Event Application
  • Completed applications can be emailed to or faxed to 847·291·9858
  • After you submit the completed application, staff will contact you regarding your request within 3‐5 business days. Additional forms may be required to finalize your use.

For more information, call the Village Green Center at 847·291·2980.

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