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Northbrook Sports Center—Figure Skating

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For over 40 years the Northbrook Sports Center’s Skating School program has adhered to the international standards established by the Ice Skating Institute. This program allows skaters to progress at their own rate, moving up levels as they develop the fundamentals to master more difficult maneuvers.

Our program offers classes for all ages, from beginner through Freestyle 10 levels, as well as specialty classes and private lessons to enhance a skater’s abilities for future successes. Learn from our experienced staff of professionals in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to begin a lifetime of health and wellness.

Group on iceOur Philosophy
Classes at the Sports Center are modeled after the Ice Skating Institute’s Learn to Skate Program. We uphold our high standards by enhancing certain levels with additional skills. Classes are held once each week. Students are encouraged to add practice time into their schedules and/or add private lessons if quicker progress is desired. Lace ‘em up and get on the ice for a great experience!

Discover the artistry and sport of ice skating at the Northbrook Sports Center. We offer classes year-round for both recreational and competitive skaters of all ages and levels and have more than 50 skaters in our upper-level classes. All skaters receive the highest level of instruction from our elite and experienced staff.

Is Your Child Ready For Skating Lessons?
For the first-time skater, ages 3 years and older, we offer a free skating class. Skaters are evaluated by our staff instructors for placement in our skating school.

Skating School Testing Information:
Two test sessions are held each semester and are conducted by the Skating Coordinators. Recommendations to test are given out by the class instructor several weeks before the scheduled test sessions. Students are also evaluated halfway through each session to inform the parents of their child’s progress within that level.

Skating School Curriculum & Testing Requirements

Toddler I—Falling down/getting up, marching while standing/moving, dip, backward wiggles

Toddler II—Push and glide stroking, gliding dip, introduce forward swizzles

Basic I
—Falling down/getting up, marching while standing and moving, dip, 2-foot jump, backward wiggles

Basic II—Push and glide stroking, gliding dip, forward swizzles, introduce snowplow, stops, 1-foot glides and backward swizzles

Intermediate—Forward swizzles with movement and flow, 1-foot glides (both feet), forward stroking, backward swizzles, snowplow stop

Advanced—Forward stroking with longer glides, forward crossovers (both directions), introduction of 2-foot turns, backward swizzles with movement and flow, backward pumps on the circle

Pre Alpha
Pre-Alpha I—Beginning skaters learn basic skills while incorporating some elements from higher levels. Pre-Alpha I skills: Falling down/getting up, 2-foot glides, 1-foot glides, forward swizzles, introduction to backward swizzles

Pre-Alpha II—This class prepares skaters for more advanced forward skating. Pre-Alpha II skills: Longer 1-foot glides/straight line and on the circle, 1st and 2nd position on the circle (both directions), forward swizzles with movement/flow, backward swizzles, introduction to snowplow stops

Alpha I—Skaters learn forward stroking, forward crossovers in both directions and snowplow stopsSkater

Alpha II—Skaters perfect forward stroking, forward crossovers in both directions and snowplow stops

Beta I—Skaters are introduced to backward skating. Skills include backward stroking, backward crossovers in both directions, and t-stops with both feet

Beta II—Skaters perfect backward stroking, backward crossovers in both directions, and t-stops with both feet

Forward outside 3 turns (left and right), forward Mohawks (left and right), forward edges (outside and inside), hockey stops

Forward inside 3 turns (left and right), introduction to backward outside and inside 3 turns (left and right), forward and backward edges (outside and inside), bunny hops, lunges and/or shoot the ducks

FS I—Waltz jump, 1 half-flip, 2-foot spin, forward pivot, forward spiral, backward edges.

FS II—Ballet jump, 1 half-toe walley, 1 half-lutz, 2 forward spirals on edges, 1-foot spin

FS III—Salchow, toe loop or toe walley, change foot spin, backward spiral on an edge, back pivot (outside or inside)

FS IV—Flip jump, loop jump, 1 half-loop, 2 backward spirals (different feet), sit spin

FS V—Axel jump, lutz jump, camel spin, combination spin, back scratch spin

FS VI—Double salchow, split jump, split falling leaf, jump combination, combination spin, layback or sit-change-sit spin

The following levels must be tested by an ISI District 8 panel of judges:

Freestyle Advanced
FS VII—Double toe loop or toe walley, 2 walleys in sequence, spin combination, flying camel, jump in the opposite direction

FS VIII—Double loop jump, double flip, split lutz, flying sit or axel sit, jump combination, illusion or camel-jump-camel

FS IX—Double lutz, axel-double loop combination, arabesque/ bauer/spread eagle combination, axel in the opposite direction or double axel, jump combination, flying camel into a jump sit spin, spiral sequence

FS X—Double Axel-double toe loop combination, triple edge jump, death drop, 4 alternating axels or triple toe, double jump L and R or triple toe-double loop, 3 Arabian cartwheels or butterflies, footwork sequence.

Freestyle Skating

The Northbrook Sports Center offers Freestyle ice seven days a week, when competitive and recreational skaters can practice their skills and competition routines and schedule private lessons.If you would like to receive weekly freestyle updates, send your email address to

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Freestyle updates and schedules.

Call ahead to check on ice availability as many of our after school sessions have already filled after our preregistration process. For more information, call 847·291·2993.

Getting The Edge trainingGetting The Edge: Summer Training Program

The Northbrook Sports Center offers a summer program for skaters in FS 1 and above who are interested in specialized training to help develop their skating skills. Participants will experience 90 minutes of freestyle ice, one on-ice specialty class and three off-ice specialty classes each day. Fee includes a shirt, yoga mat and drawstring bag. 

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Getting The Edge: Summer Training Program information.

Northbrook Competitive Figure Skating Team (NCFST)

NCFST is a unique organization that offers skaters the opportunity to participate in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Did you know―while you earn your place individually―your scores add to the Northbrook Park District's overall placement? The Northbrook Competitive Figure Skating Team (NCFST) can help you earn more points for yourself and the team.

For Northbrook skating school students who want to take their competitive skating to the next level, NCFST offers Friday afternoon ice times from September through March to practice routines, enhance interpretive skating skills and receive critiques from the talented Northbrook skating staff―all while enjoying a social and encouraging environment.

The organization is not-for-profit and powered by parent volunteers.

Skaters who are at least 6 years old and at the Pre-Alpha level or higher are welcome to join. Supervised Friday afternoon ice times are divided by skater level.

If you are interested in joining NCFST, contact Sandy Wolff at 847·691·8247. Become a part of our team for fun and friendship, on and off the ice!

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