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Northbrook Sports Center & Skating

Northbrook Sports Center
Location: 1730 Pfingsten Road

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Northbrook Sports Center—Excellence in Ice Skating
For 40 years, the Northbrook Park District Skating School has offered recreational fun and competitive opportunities for the entire family. A staff dedication to high standards has produced many national-level skaters, and diversified programming offers ISI and USFS avenues to all patrons.

With an elite level of customer service, the Northbrook Sports Center is home for all your skating needs―offering hockey and skating classes for all ages, public skating, freestyle, cosmic evening skating, holiday skate and dance camps, synchronized skating teams, competitive figure skating teams, a speed skating club and special events.

The Northbrook Sports Center is one of the busiest sports venues on the North Shore. The complex houses two year-round NHL-sized ice rinks, dance rooms, a pro shop, concession stand, registration office and rental facilities for parties and meetings, along with an outdoor swimming pool.

Each year, the Center offers free classes to evaluate new skaters, a skate and equipment exchange, a holiday recital and the highly regarded Northbrook-On-Ice.

Teams Elite: National Champions
The Teams Elite competed in the 2014 ISI Synchronized Skating Championships in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, and all three teams won first place in their divisions. The teams were: Youth Formation, Youth Advanced Formation and Youth Skating. Our Preliminary team also became the 2014 Midwestern Synchronized Skating Champions in U.S. Figure Skating.

Synchro teams skate as one unit, executing difficult patterns with speed and precision. Teams Elite was formed in 1999 to bring the team concept to a sport that had focused on singles and pairs and to expand the opportunity for young people to participate in figure skating. As the program grew in popularity, the Sports Center added more teams. 2014 was the sixth consecutive year for a national title for Northbrook. In addition to performing on the ice, members of the Teams Elite also perform community service projects together. 

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The Pfingsten Road property was purchased in 1965 for $201,708. In 1968, the Park District built and opened a sports complex with an outdoor swimming pool, one indoor skating rink, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts and a playground, covering 23.5 acres. A second rink was added in 1973. The pool, tennis courts and playground have been upgraded over the years, and a major renovation and expansion took place in 1999-2000 to upgrade ice rink and pool operations.

Northbrook became known as “The Speed-Skating Capital of the World” after athletes who trained at the Sports Center became Olympic champions. Anne Henning and Diane Holum won Gold Medals in the 1972 Winter Olympics, and Leah Poulos won three silver medals in later Olympics. All were trained by former Park Board Commissioner Edward Rudolph, whose son also skated in two Olympics.

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Frequently Asked Questions ― Skating School

Q:  If I am new to the area or coming from another ice rink, will I be placed in the same level?
A:  Those new to our program need to be evaluated for placement by our Skating Coordinators. Exceptions are those registering for entry-level classes (Tot 1, Basic 1 and Pre-Alpha 1).

Q:  Do I need to purchase skates?
A:  It is not necessary to purchase your own skates for beginning classes.  We rent quality skates at $3 per rental.  You also can buy a 10-pass skate rental card for $25.  If your child shows a sincere interest in skating and you want to purchase skates, the Sports Center staff will be happy to advise you.

Q:  Do you have a used skate and equipment sale?
A:  Yes.  The Northbrook Competitive Figure Skating Team holds an annual skate and equipment exchange where you can purchase used items. The event is held in September..

Q:  What do students wear to class?
A:  We recommend long pants and a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt.  Hats are optional but gloves or mittens are a must.  Helmets are required only for hockey classes.

Q:   Can my son wear hockey skates in introductory classes?
A:  Yes, but we recommend that all beginners learn to skate in figure skates. 

Q:  If I miss a class, can I get a refund?
A:  We do not offer refunds, but your skater can schedule a makeup in the same level class offered at a different time.

Q:  What is the ratio of students to teachers in the classes?
A:   Tot classes are 1 instructor per 8 students.  Basic classes are 1:10.  All other classes are 1:15.  Some classes may be larger, depending on the availability of ice.

Q:  Are there sessions when a beginner skater can practice?
A:   Along with public sessions, we offer a variety of weekday and Saturday practice times for the beginner skater.

Q:  How does my child move from one level to another?
A:   There are two dates reserved each session for testing by the Skating School Coordinators.  Students in classes are evaluated by staff instructors and given a recommendation sheet if they are eligible to test.

Q:  How old do you have to be to register for an adult class?
A:  You must be at least 16 years old.

Q:  Do you have an ice show or recital?
A:  We have a summer and a winter recital.  We also have an ice show each year during the weekend of Mother’s Day.

Frequently Asked Questions ― General Information

Q:  Do you have public sessions?
A:  Public Skating sessons resume in November. Cosmic Skating begins September 20. Click here for details.

Q:  Where can I find daily activities, game schedules and locker room assignments?

Q:  Do you have a pro shop?
A:  Yes, Ron’s Skate Shop is located in the Northbrook Sports Center, directly across from the front office. The shop has a wide selection that will meet your freestyle and hockey needs. Click here to view their website.

Q:  Do you have a concession stand?
A:  Yes. The concession stand is open September-May from 3-9pm but will stay open later for hockey games.

If you have any further questions, please call the Sports Center office at 847·291·2993

Northbrook Sports Center Staff
Eileen Loftus, CPRP, CTRS, Leisure Services Manager; eloftus
Heather Aseltine, Leisure Services Supervisor; haseltine
Laila Schlesinger, Leisure Services Supervisor; lschlesinger
Maura Drew, Leisure Services Supervisor; mdrew
Dan Catron, Leisure Services Supervisor, dcatron
Emily Boxer, Leisure Services Supervisor, eboxer
Bruce Friedman, Building Supervisor; bfriedman
Randy Truhlar, Building Maintenance Supervisor; rtruhlar
Peggy Schreiner, Customer Service Coordinator, pschreiner
Roxanne Macrito, Customer Service Coordinator, rmacrito
Ice Monitor, icemonitor

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